Software Sales

We have partnered with top software vendors and offer software to homes users and business at competitive rates. We also offer installation, configuration or setup services together with the service at unbeatable rates.

New Equipment

We supply quality laptop parts and computer equipment e.g Laptops, Desktops, Printers etc. from all top brand manufacturers. We also offer installations, configuration or setup services for the equipment either as a package or separately.

Refurbished or Used Equipment

We refurbish used Laptops, Printers, Desktops and other computer equipment. We perform quality cleaning, replace old parts with new parts and upgrades where necessary and recondition the equipment to as good as new to be used again. We then finally sell the equipment at affordable rates with 3-6 warranty.

Are you thinking of buying a Computer?

Are you looking for affordable new or used computers? or software to use on your newly purchased computer? You have come to the right place. We have the right ICT Equipment for you and we can even have it delivered to you already configured.


We provide installations, setup, configurations on computers, email systems, software, networks and many more ICT infrastructure requiring setup.

Technical Support

We offer onsite and remote Technical Support services for all ICT infrastructure e.g Desktop support, Network, Server Support. We also have qualified Technicians that can be based at the client’s premises on a monthly contract.


We also offer basic and advanced troubleshooting/repairs services for home and business clients. We provide repairs services for laptops, desktop computers, servers and printers etc. The repairs can be done onsite or at our offices with us picking up the equipment or the client dropping it off.

Quick fix - Fast return

Do you have any hardware or software related problems with your computers? We are here to assist you and your business. Allow our Technicians to either pickup the equipment, come to your office or have it dropped at our offices for repairs.

Data Backup

We provide efficient, automated Data Backup solutions for home users and business. We offer both offline and cloud based backup solutions on plaforms such as Microsoft Azure, AWS etc. as part of our client’s systems Disaster Recover Plan.

Data Recovery Services

We offer Data Recovery and restore services for Laptops, Desktop computers and Servers.

Computer Cyber Security

We use professional and effective computer protection tools against cyber attacks either through viruses, Trojan horse or any other malware. We protect client data from hacking and offer advisory services on how to avoid being a victim of cyber attack and to assist client with compliance.

How Safe is your Data?

Data loss is a very painful thing to experience especially when it can be easily avoided. How often do you share information with others? When last did you perform a back-up on your computer? Safeguarding information is one of the most critical practices, allow us to assist you and point you into the right direction.

Network cabling

We provide certified network cabling services on fiber and UTP cables. We have trained, experienced and certified engineers to perform installations. All are installations provide test results on projects completion.

CCTV & VOIP Services

We provide CCTV and VOIP solutions for home users and business. We high tech equipment with professional support. Our Voip services come with either a cloud hosted solution or onsite solution.

Wifi Installation Services

We offer both indoor and mobile Wifi solutions for home users, business and events. We make use of high tech and robust systems that provide fast and secure connections. The connections can be customized to the number of connections and any other client requirements.

Networking services

We can help save alot on your telephone bills through the use of VOIP telephony system. The VOIP telephone service is suitable for home use and also for business. Our clients who are already making use of this service are saving alot on their call bills. Let us help you!

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